Tired of common exercises? Try boxing for weight loss!

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Tired of common exercises? Try boxing for weight loss!

Indulging in any physical activity helps you stay fit and lose weight. One such workout which effectively burns your body fat is boxing. Boxing has various health benefits such as it helps in strengthening your core muscles, gives your arms a proper shape and increases your upper body strength. When you swing your arms, it makes your arms and shoulders strong and also helps you burn calories.

When you punch a punching bag

Keep the right intensity: When you punch the bag, keep the right intensity. The right intensity helps your cardiorespiratory system. Mostly, the bag session lasts for a minimum of two minutes but those who are pro, could also, by sustaining the intensity, last for even three to five minutes.

Improves power: Punching also helps in enhancing your power. As this physical activity focusses on many muscles, it increases physical power. Punch with force to get the maximum benefit. Your legs are also benefitted as legs help in generating power and supporting your upper body.

Helps in coordination, stability and core: Moving and punching simultaneously will help with coordination. When you punch, you also transfer weight from one foot to the other which means you develop core stability and overall body coordination. This is the reason why boxers have a toned body and an excellent posture.

Improves body shape: As this high-intensity physical activity helps you burn extra calories, it also keeps your body in shape. Regularly indulging in this activity strips body-fat and reveals underlying toned muscles.

A perfect self-defence technique: Not just to lose weight, it is a great way to develop self-defence technique. Just visualize your punching bag as an opponent and hit with force.

Decreases stress: This is another way to decrease stress. Hitting a bag is one effective way to let go stress and anxiety. This physical activity is exhausting and aggressive and demands concentration.

Keep these things in mind

Before you hit the punching bag, keep following things in mind:

Stretch: Never begin any physical activity before stretching your body. This will prevent muscle soreness and stiffness. You will have a flexible body and could perform well in your workout regime. Also, stretching your body releases muscle tension. You must perform stretching exercises for a minimum of three to five minutes and once you feel flexibility, start with your workout regime.

Use the right gloves: This is an important tip if you are looking for effective results. Beginners usually rely on lighter gloves on a heavy punching bag as it also helps in making their boxing technique perfect. These MaxIT gloves are perfect for you in that sense!  Those who are experienced and stronger prefer heavy gloves. Heavier gloves develop your hand speed, thus are mostly preferred by athletes. 

Don’t forget to wear wraps: If you are a beginner, wear wraps around knuckles and wrist area. This prevents injury and wrist damage and helps in proper hand support. Experienced and professional boxers also prefer wearing wraps for keeping longevity in the sport. Wraps also reduce the chances of developing osteoarthritis.
Emphasize on the right posture: Until you’re not sure of right posture, don’t start boxing. Get a professional help if you are new to this regime. This will lessen the chances of injury and muscle damage or even other body harms.

Know the right breathing technique: When you raise your fist to hit the bag, you tempt to hold your breath as it exerts your body. And when you finally punch, you exhale to ensure a continual supply of oxygen to the working muscles of the body.